Below you will find some material that may assist you in spreading the Messages –  directly or indirectly, anyway we can.  Saving souls sets no boundaries!  I hope you will find them useful.

I thank all Crusaders who have contributed and who continue to work tirelessly for the Mission. God bless you.  (Note: This is a work in progress. Additions will be uploaded as they come).

Firstly, here’s a video by well known Catholic theologian and author, Dr Kelly Bowring, who has managed to mention over 27 prophecies and the way they are being fulfilled in the church today. This is the most comprehensive article/video to date. A must watch!

You can also see the text on his website at

This document needs to be read, Booklets – Saving souls, to understand the documents that follow. This is a great tool to use for different kinds of people. From the beginners to the advanced:

  1. Church and Papacy in the End Times
  2. Handbook End Times OL and Saints
  3. Handbook Book of Truth
  4. Preparing for the Illumination of Conscience (The Warning)

The Medal of Salvation leaflet (in word format) – printed double-sided on A5 size paper. Stick a Medal on the front where the Mother of Salvation image is. The recipient may not appreciate it yet but will thank you later when he/she realises what they have!   Medal Info_For Conversion

A beginners guide for priests and clergy (goal is not to overwhelm them!) – The End Time Devotions (the Holy Rosary, Divine Mercy Chaplet, and Crusade Prayers).  In word format to print in booklet form on A4 size paper.  JTM Crusade Prayer Booklet for Priests_Beginners Guide_v1

The many references of the Divine Mercy Chaplet and the Holy Rosary in the Book of Truth messages.  For the sceptics, what demon would recommend that we pray these daily with utmost devotion!

  1. JTM_msg_excerpts-DMC
  2. JTM_msg_excerpts-Holy_Rosary
  3. Instruction from The Mother of Salvation on Praying the Rosary

A new addition (as of May 2021). We now have a youtube channel where past and upcoming events are posted. If you find any material useful please subscribe and share. Link :