The Seal

The Seal of the Living God (the ‘Seal’) in relation to the Book of Truth is one of the greatest gifts God has given to humanity since He gave them life.   This Seal is specific for the end time.  However, many people mistake it for the seal we receive at Baptism and therefore walk away and ignore this divine gift given to us for this present time.   To point out the difference, number 1272 of the Catechism of the Catholic Church states “Incorporated into Christ by Baptism, the person baptized is configured to Christ. Baptism seals the Christian with the indelible spiritual mark (character) of his belonging to Christ….”  So in other words, it is by baptism that we become part of God’s family.

The Seal of the Living God on the other hand is the Seal of Protection. It will be your lifeline, your means of survival in the coming persecution and domination.  This is one of the last and the greatest Seal of Protection sent from the Heavens (to note almost two decades ago Jesus revealed to young Barnabas of Nigeria in 1998 the Seal of Jesus’ Precious Blood).

Just as the ancient Hebrews marked their houses from the blood of the paschal lamb and were spared by the exterminating Angel, so it will be in these sad times for those who will have honoured and exposed the Seal of the Living God.  Revelation, the last chapter of the Holy Bible, speaks of the protection “Do not harm the land or sea or trees until we have sealed the foreheads of the servants of our God.” (Rev 7:3) 

The Seal is your protection during the period in the lead up to the Second Coming of Christ. The Seal when prayed daily gives you the graces to defend the Word of God so that as many souls as possible will be given the gift of life and granted a place in the New Paradise.  By praying it daily it is professing your love and loyalty to God, and by loyalty it means following the TRUTH and the Ten Commandments.  This is what makes it efficacious and what seals your heart and soul to our loving Father. By this daily prayer and through God’s mercy, we are able to extend this protection to our loved ones and especially to those we give the Seals out to.  This is such an enormous gift we do not deserve!

The Seal Prayer must be given out to everyone. It is not to be sold. The Seal is so important that it is mentioned more than 30 times across the five volumes of the Book of Truth. The first message from God the Most High on the Seal is here.

The Seal protects you and your family against:

  • war and strife
  • against the antichrist himself, the Mark of the Beast.  If there is the Mark of the Beast, there is the Mark of the Living God which is the Seal.  The Seal is your means to refusing the Mark of the Beast. Without the Seal, it will be very difficult to survive during the reign of the antichrist and will leave you and your family no choice but to accept the mark.  Read The Mark. It is designed as a pamphlet for  printing double-sided. Good for handing out.

“Only those who accept the Seal, keep it in their homes, or carry it on them will be protected. Only those with the Seal of the Living God will escape this form of genocide of the soul. 

It will be through Me that they will be given the only possible protection from the antichrist. My protection must be sought out and the Seal of the Living God must be given to as many souls as possible.”   (Jesus)


To survive the great tribulation spiritual and physical preparation is a must.  We divide it in two parts:


  • Spend time in daily prayer (Jesus has requested at least one hour of selected  Crusade Prayers and Litanies, including the Holy Rosary and the Divine Mercy Chaplet). Also pray to St Michael.
  • Spend time in adoration of the Blessed Sacrament at least once a week
  • Fasting once a week
  • The frequent reception of the Sacraments (Reconciliation and Holy Communion)
  • Keep all holy objects, rosary beads, blessed candles, holy water, a copy of the Bible and the Holy Daily Missal along with the Crusade Prayer book.
  • You must keep the Seal of the Living God in your home and on you if possible.
  •  Wear the Medal of Salvation
  • To protect yourselves from Satan you must sprinkle every corner of your home with Holy Water, wear a Benedictine Cross and keep Rosary Beads close.  Surround you and your home with blessed objects.
  • For Priests: prepare now the production of the Holy Hosts. They must retain the Holy Missals, the Vestments, the Holy Bible and the Holy Crosses. These will all be replaced.


  • Plant seeds (pure seeds) in order to feed you and your families, during the persecution – not tampered with by human interference. Jesus will then multiply the fruit, which they will yield and all will have enough to eat when the world will experience great hunger. Those days are not far away.  The crops will be contaminated through the intervention of greedy farmers. The result crops will be unfit for you to eat. Then war will mean that few men will be able to till the land. Then there will be the fire, which will pour over the four corners of the earth, and everything will become barren.
  • Have plenty of water because everything you store will be multiplied by Jesus.
  • Do not leave your homes for this is not necessary. A little preparation, where you offer help to each other, is all that is needed. Jesus’ Precious Blood will cover all those who believe in His warning to humanity for the time of the Third Seal to open will follow a time of war.
  • Buy silver coins or gold, so that you can buy what is necessary.
  • Most importantly find locations where, as a group*, you can meet to offer the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass for in time, churches will be burned to the ground.
  • Never accept the mark, the chip of the beast. Pray, pray that your home will be given the special blessings to safeguard you from the army, which will try to put you out of your home.
  • Plan to have blessed candles in your home. Stock up now for they will keep you in the light of protection.
  • Buy gas stoves, blankets, dried and tinned food, water purification tablets.

* to find your nearest Crusade Prayer group in Australia and New Zealand contact  We will also endeavour to assist you in finding other crusade prayer groups worldwide. 

Promises of the Seal of the Living God

1. Satan and his fallen angels do not have authority over them. 8 March 2012
2. The avenging dark angel, will pass over those of My children with the Seal on their foreheads.  8 March 2012
3. All those with the seal are granted a place in the new paradise.  23 Aug 2013
4. Only those with the Seal of the Living God will escape a form of the genocide of the soul.  4 April 2013
5. Your home will not be seen. It will be invisible to the enemy.  5 Aug 2013
6. The Seal will sustain all during persecution, domination and war, and any kind of persecution.  11 Oct 2013
7. There will be many Divine powers associated with the Seal.  17 May 2012
8. They will not have to accept the Mark of the Beast. They will be protected against the Mark of the Beast.  5 May 2014
9. They will have the graces to defend the Word, to remain true to God, to protect their faith with courage.  17 May 2012
10. They will be given relief from their suffering when all things seem unbearable.         23 Aug 2014
11. The Seal will enable them to overcome the opposition they will face when Christianity will be brutalized.  7 June 2014
12. Seal of the Living God will protect you from physical and spiritual death during wars.  21 Sep 2013
13. They will become immune to the suffering which the antichrist will inflict on the world.  30 Aug 2013

It is the daily recitation of this prayer that binds you to the heart of God the Father thus invoking His protection.

Instructions on how to use the Seal here

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