48 Hour Global Rosary Crusade

We are now in the month of October, the month of the Holy Rosary.

We invite anyone and everyone to join the Jesus to Mankind 48 Hour Global Rosary Crusade, starting on the vigil of the Feast of the Holy Rosary. The goal is for the conversion and salvation of souls, for peace in this sorrowful world, to mitigate chastisements and for protection from the contamination spread by the evil one.

The Blessed Mother says in her message of 16th May 2012, ” My daily Rosary is important at this time no matter what Christian Church you belong to. You must recite it, because it offers protection to those nations who say it daily, and in great numbers. Pray, pray, pray for Europe at this time and turn to my Son and ask Him for the strength, courage and perseverance required to retain your trust in God.”

Link to register and join :  https://bit.ly/October-7and8-Rosary

Join to as many, anytime. Invite others. It does not matter if you don’t understand, The Rosary is the Rosary. There will be a guide or some reference to follow.

Order of Host Countries

October 7 – Australia AEDT (7am – 9am)

October 7 – Armenia (2am-4am)

October 6 – Central America (6pm – 8pm)

October 6 – USA Eastern (10pm-12am)

October 7 – Spain (6am – 8am)

October 7 – Adoration (2pm – 4pm GMT+8)

October 7 – Korea (5pm – 7pm)

October 7 – Poland (12pm – 2pm)

October 7 – Italy (2pm – 4pm)

October 7 – Philippines (10pm-12am)

October 7 – Germany (6pm – 8pm)

October 7 – UK/Ireland (7pm – 9pm)

October 7 – Columbia (3pm – 5pm)

October 7 – Chile/Argentina (7pm-9pm)

October 7 – Canada (8pm – 10pm)

October 7 – Mexico (9pm – 11pm)  

October 8 – Czech (6am – 8am)

October 8 – India (11:30am – 1:30pm)

October 8 – Africa WAT (9am-11am)

October 8 – Dutch (12pm – 2pm)

October 8 – Indonesian (7pm – 9pm)

October 8 – Portugal (3pm – 5pm)

October 8 – Denmark (6pm-8pm)

October 8 – France (8pm – 10pm)

Global Rosary Crusade for Peace

You are invited to attend the Jesus to Mankind Global Rosary Crusade for Peace. Every Friday of Lent, beginning March 4, we will be reciting the 4 mysteries of the Holy Rosary.  This is in response to the March 9, 2012 message of Our Mother of Salvation:

“As the wars are now being plotted. it is important that my Holy Rosary be recited every day before Easter. Children, if you could devote each day of the week to my Holy Rosary with every Friday to saying the four mysteries, between now and Easter, much destruction in the world can and will be mitigated.

My Son is so happy with those who accept His Holy Word, with love and purity of heart.

Great Graces are being bestowed on those clean souls who trust in Him completely, without any doubts in their hearts.You, my children, are the remnant, the little acorn of believers, who will help swell the Army, now required to deplete sin in the world.

Your prayers and especially my Most Holy Rosary, are the weapons needed to destroy the evil one and those he infests in every corner of the Earth.Go now, my children, and organise global prayers so that my Rosary is recited across all nations, between now and Easter Sunday…”

With wars spreading in all corners of the earth, particularly in Europe, we will unite as one Jesus to Mankind Crusade Prayer Army to pray fervently for peace.  

There will be a total of five (5) schedules that you can join, depending on your location:

ContinentDate/TimeLanguageLink to Join (No Registration, just click to join )
EuropeEvery Friday of Lent, 10pm CETMultiple European languageshttps://bit.ly/JTMGlobalRosaryCrusadeEurope
South AmericaHorario para rezar los  Rosarios:2.30 pm Centroamerica3.30 pm Colombia, Panama, Miami4.30 pm  República  Dominicana, Venezuela,Bolivia  5.30 pm Argentina y Chile8.30 pm Portugal9.30 pm EspañaSpanishhttps://us02web.zoom.us/j/81636327671
Australia/New ZealandEvery Friday of Lent, 7pm Sydney timeEnglishhttps://zoom.us/j/94399024482
AsiaEvery Friday of Lent, 9pm Singapore timeEnglish with live translations in Chinese Mandarin, Cantonese, Vietnamese, Korean, and Indonesianhttps://bit.ly/JTMGlobalLentenRosaryCrusadeforPeace
North AmericaEvery Friday of Lent, 9pm ESTEnglishhttps://bit.ly/JTMGlobalRosaryCrusadeforPeaceNorthAmerica 

No registration is required, simply click on the link to join. Please invite your family and friends to attend.

I bring Hope, I bring Mercy, I bring Salvation

Welcome to 2022….and already it’s looking like another challenging year ahead! So timely though our theme for this month of January is “I bring Hope, I bring Mercy, I bring Salvation“, the words of our Lord Jesus from the message of 16 December 2012. Comforting in the midst of darkness.

In conjunction to the theme of this month we invite you to an Australian Webinar. Please join us where we will learn about the importance of the Medal of Salvation (one of the armour given for the end times) and how it is a gift of conversion and protection for the whole world. Like the Miraculous Medal, the Medal of Salvation carries with it promises for those who wear it in the end times. Register for this webinar on Saturday, 29th January at 7:30pm Sydney time.

Link to Register : https://bit.ly/JTMAustraliaJanuary29

Promo video

Daily Prayer Campaign at 3pm – the hour of Mercy

Last year we celebrated the 10th Year Anniversary of the Jesus to Mankind Mission. We were asked by our Lord Jesus to pray for two very specific intentions: to mitigate the effects of the Covid 19 Pandemic and all that will follow it, and for the salvation of souls.

For a period of five weeks, from November 10 to December 15, we all prayed for these two intentions every 3pm, local time. The prayers to pray at the minimum were: the 3 O’Clock Prayer, the Divine Mercy Chaplet, as well as the Daily Core Prayers. The 3pm timing was very important and very crucial. It is the Hour of Mercy. As Prayer Warriors, we prayed as one with the rest of the Remnant Army all over the world by playing the prayer video of the Daily Core Prayers. We prayed for the world.

Although the campaign has finished some still do this when the clock strikes at 3pm every day. I have left the prayer video up for you on this page.

The Daily Core Prayers consist of the following:

  • Our Father
  • Prayer to Michael the Archangel 
  • Seal of the Living God – Crusade Prayer 33
  • Plenary Indulgence for Absolution – Crusade Prayer 24
  • To Bless and Protect our Crusade Prayer Group – Crusade Prayer 96
  • My Gift to Jesus to Save Souls – Crusade Prayer 1
  • Prayer to Avert War, Famine & Religious Persecution – Crusade Prayer 30
  • A Pledge of Allegiance to the Divine Will – Crusade 59
  • Prayer from God the Father to accept his Divine Will – Crusade Prayer 69
  • For two billion lost souls – Crusade Prayer 79
  • To sustain faith and belief in God’s Message for the world – Crusade Prayer 102
  • Free this soul from slavery to the beast – Crusade Prayer 104
  • To consecrate your children to Jesus Christ – Crusade Prayer 111
  • For the gift of conversion – Crusade Prayer 115
  • For the gift of love – Crusade Prayer 129
  • To protect the mission of salvation – Crusade Prayer 143
  • For protection of Mission of Salvation – Crusade Prayer 155
  • Protect me from the one world religion – Crusade Prayer 158
  • Prayer for peace of nations – Crusade Prayer 164

After reciting the Daily Core Prayers, if you can, do pray the Holy Rosary, as well as other Crusade Prayers .

We encourage you to join the daily Zoom Crusade of Prayer Meetings happening all over the world through the JTM Global Network. Join us and fight a good fight for God.