The Seal of the Living God

“My Mission to save humanity is almost complete. My Remnant has been formed. You have been given the Gifts of the Seal of the Living God, the Medal of Salvation and the Crusade Prayers. They will be your armour against My adversary. I will speak with you only periodically and through the Remnant from now on. You are ready to take up your armour to fight to keep My Word alive in a place of desolation.”  Jesus, Feb 13, 2015


  • Pray it daily for the protection of yourself and your family
  • Download and print a copy and have it blessed by a Priest.
  • Place in any wall inside the house.
  • Take a copy anywhere you go or wear a blessed Seal of the Living God scapular .

To order a scapular go to :   (For Europe)

Croatia and Romania go to :
Czech / Slovakia  go to:

For USA , go to :


Full print size Seal_English

Business Card size Seal Seal Front ; Seal Back

To help people understand the importance of the Seal, download Seal Info  – extracts of messages from the Book of Truth pertaining to the Seal of the Living God/Seal of Protection.