Prophecies Fulfilled

The Prophecies contained in the Book of Truth are many. Some have been fulfilled, others are yet to come to pass. The aim of this page is to reach out to more souls, in particular to those seeking for Truth, with the hope that whoever is discerning on the authenticity of these Messages, will believe and respond to God’s call. But what is the call? In Jesus’ words, My Call is to gather you to prepare you, so that all Christians will help Me in My quest to save humanity. It is through My beloved disciples that I can make much happen.”

Ask and you shall receive… (Matthew 7:7) is not an idle promise. God will respond to you if you seek Him as He wants every soul saved. Time is short.

Man always seeks proof. The events below speak for themselves. I have previously attempted to list them but it was difficult to catch up! The list below is not exhaustive either. Only those that have gained significant media attention is posted, but it will continually be updated as major events unfold. To those that have read the Book of Truth in its entirety, unbelievable at first, it is now unfolding at an accelerated speed as the world plunges deeper and deeper into darkness.

“It is now the time for the prophecies to be proven. Many will fall on their knees in shame and regret when they will see how their rejection of My Messages, through My end time prophets, have torn Me in two. How their condemnation and ridicule have made a mockery of My Holy Word. How the Truth was too bitter for them to swallow and how the lies from the false prophets and fortune tellers gave them the shallow comfort they sought.” (Message 21 Feb 2012)

When you understand that the prophecies, given to the world from Heaven, amount to this – to increase your faith and to ensure that you remain true to My Holy Word, then you will accept them.  When they take place, as revealed, then you will know the Truth.(Message 20 Oct 2013)

Persecuted Priests

Msg 17Oct2014 “My dear children, please pray for my Son’s loyal sacred servants as future events take place. Many will be stripped of their titles and sent out into the wilderness, in disgrace. Turmoil and confusion will spread within my Son’s Church but the traitors will rise in great numbers and many will follow them.A growing list of persecuted priests for defending the Truth. Articles here, here, and here


“When you defend My Word, you will be deemed to be cruel, unkind and lacking in sympathy to those who do not believe in God” Ref Msg 868. Ref to article .

“You will be scolded if you are a sacred servant of Mine and you will be made to answer for your allegiance to Me.”

International Vatican Conference May 2021 Exploring the Mind, Body & Soul

Only 2 Catholic clergy among 114 speakers of globalists, medical professionals, economists, new age activist, pro-abortion, etc. Article here. Message from the Book of Truth ” When My Church embraces the secular world, becomes politically motivated by it, and seeks recognition in the world of politics and business, know then, that I would never condone such action.” Full text

Church in Germany have announced May 10, 2021 event, Blessing of Same Sex Union

Read CNA Article and the Message from Jesus of March 2012 “It is not enough for these people to condone same sex marriage in the eyes of the law, they then want to force God the Father to give them His Blessing. He could never do this, because it is a grave sin in His Eyes.”

Pope Benedict’s resignation

Exactly one year after the message was given, Pope Benedict announced his resignation on 11 February 2013. Ref Message 0336. There are many references to point to the resignation as invalid. One being of Cardinal Danneels’ admission to being part of a ‘Mafia’ Club opposed to Benedict XVI.

Global Vax

There are a number of Messages that speaks of a sudden global vaccination a summary of which is above. A warning also from the Mother of Salvation is referenced here. News article here

Catholic Cardinal George Pell is seen leaving the County Court in Melbourne, Australia, Tuesday, February 26. 2019. Cardinal Pell, once the third most powerful man in the Vatican and Australia’s most senior Catholic, has been found guilty of child sexual abuse after a trial in Melbourne. (AAP Image/David Crosling)
Miscarriage of Justice

Most senior Catholic convicted, through unfair trial, of child sex abuse. News article on Cardinal Pell’s alleged sex offences quashed here Reference from the Book of Truth here

Muammar Gaddafi – Deposed Leader of Libya `

Death of Muammar Gaddafi – Oct 2011

The assassination of Muammar Gadaffi of Libya. Prophecy given in February 2011, Ref Message 0048 and again in October 2011, Ref Message 0225.

Media Censorship

Censorship by powerful corporations is a sign of dictatorship. Truth in social media is no longer heard but can only be found in independent channels or platforms. Ref here.

Pagan Idol in Rome

The Pachamama statue was highly visible in various venues in the Vatican all throughout the Amazon Synod. the “Pachamama” figures were venerated in St. Peter’s Basilica in front of the Tomb of St. Peter. Pope Francis also greeted two bishops carrying the Pachamama object on their shoulders in a procession into St. Peter’s Basilica. Ref Message 1265.

Global Compact on Education – a global alliance, the new humanism

Article here and here. This event called by Pope Francis took place in October 2020. This stems from the encyclical on the environment, Laudato Si. Read Messages here and here.

Mary’s role as Co-Redemptrix

During the homily for the celebration of the Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe in St. Peter’s Basilica, on December 12, 2019, the Pope considers the Virgin’s title as Co-Redemptrix “foolishness.” News article here . And then again on the eve of the Feast of Annunciation on March 24, 2021, article here. Refer to Book of Truth Message 392. The Blessed Mother also explains her role as Co-Redemptrix here .

Ireland: Celebrations as vote overturns abortion ban
Legalising abortion in Ireland

One of the most devout country in Europe it is a country turned upside down with approval on abortion granted in 20 December 2018. Article here . Notice how the Blessed Mother warned in her message of 17 February 2012.

Jorge Mario Bergoglio elected as new Pope on 13 March 2013

A day after the election of Jorge Bergoglio as the new Pope Italian Freemasonry sends an official communication of praise and support of the new pope, and then followed by other countries. Read here . The Book of Truth has foretold this would happen on March 12, 2013, just a day before the new pope was elected. “The crowning of the false prophet will be celebrated by Masonic groups in all corners who plan the final stages of persecution of all My children.” Full message here.

Through the Power of the Holy Spirit the Book of Truth is spread across the globe and translated in many different languages.

“Heaven rejoices at the speed in which My Divine Messages and Prayers are spreading throughout the world. This is the time, foretold, so very long ago, when My Holy Gospel will be preached throughout the whole world.

I urge My followers to remind people of the importance of reading the Holy Bible, the Word set out, according to the Will of My Father.” Ref here