Crusade of Prayer (8) The Confession

22 November 2011 @ 8:30pm; Message 0259

I, Jesus your King and Saviour now present My prayer for confession.  This prayer should be said to plead for clemency for the forgiveness of sin during and after The Warning

Dearest Jesus, I ask Your pardon for all my sins and for the hurt and injury I have caused to others. I humbly pray for the graces to avoid offending You again and to offer penance according to Your Most Holy Will.

I plead for the forgiveness of any future offense, which I may partake in and which will cause You pain and suffering. Take me with You into the New Era of Peace, so that I may become part of Your family for eternity.                                                             

I love You, Jesus. I need You. I honour You and everything You stand for.   Help me, Jesus, so that I may be worthy to enter Your Kingdom.  Amen.

Your Saviour

Jesus Christ